Welcome to the May-June 2012 edition of Neal’s Young Guns. Because it’s getting harder to find new talent, I have decided to retire the young guns format so this will be the final installment. This month was really tough to find new talent. I guess if prodigy’s were a dime a dozen, us musicians would be out of work.:-)

Instead, in July, this column will be changing to a new format called Terrifying Shredders. I will be on the lookout for unknown shredders of all ages, post the best video of their playing and pick the top 5 for each month so stay tuned.
Hope you enjoyed it.

Anyways, here are my 5 final entries for May-June 2012 Young Guns.

1. David Kontra I think that’s his name. I had him on here before but I didn’t know what his name was before. He also did a cover of Racer X Technical Difficulties before. This little excerpt is pretty scary.

2. Best New Orleans street musician I’ve seen I have no idea who he is but this video was impressive. He’s got to be pretty young too!!

3. Ryunosuke Band Japanese kid band on a Korean TV show. Ryunosuke Yamagishi (vocal & guitar, age 9), Ren Tanaka (drums, age 9), Keito Hori (bass, age 12)

4. Harry Jackson Jamming live in a cover band at the age of 7. Pretty impressive!! Im sure he will be scary when he gets older.

5. Austin Scott with his band doing Van Halen’s Hot for Teacher.

Was pretty hard finding new stuff so I hope you enjoy these and if anyone out there know some great young talent and have a video of them performing or you think you have what it takes to be here, feel free to send me a link!!!

Thanks again.

Neal Nagaoka

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